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How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?

What Factors Determine The Cost Of A Tattoo?

According to www.marketresearch.com, tattooing accounts for approximately $1.3 billion annually. This is to show that the industry is growing and the potential for more growth is high. Given that tattoos are popular among the young and adults alike, it’s no surprise that it has continued to gain widespread acceptance both locally and globally. The question that many enthusiasts of tattooing would want an answer for is how much it costs for a tattoo placement. Well, there are different factors that determine the cost of a tattoo. Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of each of the factors.

The Status of a Tattoo Artist

The word status here refers to one’s skill, experience, and knowledge. So, the tattoo artist who designs a tattoo for you determines how much it will cost you in the end. If you are looking for a cheap tattoo, you just need to find any tattoo artist and you will get your body inked. However, if you want a good tattoo, you have to go to a tattoo artist with the skill, experience, and knowledge to deliver exactly that. For a nicely done tattoo, you don’t have much of a choice but to find an artist with a great reputation and passion for this type of work. For a tattoo of such caliber, you have to get ready to pay a higher price. Of course, the price will have to go lower if you will opt for a tattoo artist who doesn’t have a high reputation and is less skilled. So, the bottom-line is that if you want a good tattoo, you have to pay more for a skilled tattoo artist.

The Size of a Tattoo and where it’s placed

The size of a tattoo plays a huge role in determining how much it will cost. If you want a large tattoo, it will cost you a high amount to have it on your skin. Conversely, if you want a small one, it will cost you less. The reason as to why you will have to pay more for a large tattoo is because it takes a longer time to complete it compared to a small tattoo. If your tattoo requires a lot of detail and it is a big one, the cost will definitely go higher.

Tattoo placement is also another factor that affects the cost of a tattoo. Where you place a tattoo matters in regards to pricing. This is because some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, thus requiring more care. Some of the sensitive parts that require extra care include: the hand, feet, and neck. The more sensitive a part is, the more it will cost you for a tattoo. An example of a less sensitive body part is the shoulder. A less sensitive part will cost lesser than a sensitive part. In the same vein, the part of the body being tattooed might require an artist to take more time so as to bring out the design the way you want it. Thus, the amount of time and care that a tattoo artist has to consider while placing a tattoo on your body determines how much it will cost you.

Tattoo Design

The design of a tattoo is another important aspect when you want to know how much it will cost you. Generally, a simple design will be cheap to have it inked on your body. On the other hand, a complicated or detailed design will be expensive. The million dollar question is: what makes a complex design costly? The simple reason why a complex design costs more is that it takes an artist a longer time to perfect it compared to a simple design. Moreover, if an artist is doing a unique and original tattoo design, one must be very precise and careful to detail, which requires more investment in time and resources. It might also require an artist to do more research if a tattoo design is complicated, so as to do a good job. Color can be included in the design of a tattoo. If you are doing a single color, it is less expensive to tattoo your body. But, if your design is multi-colored, you will have to pay more. This is because a multi-colored tattoo will require a tattoo artist to be more detailed and end up taking more time. Therefore, it is evident that the more complex a tattoo design is, the more you have to pay for it.

The Location of a Tattoo Studio

The geographical location of a tattoo shop has a big influence on how much a tattoo costs. Tattoo studios situated in big cities are more expensive than those in small cities. For example, the price of a tattoo in Cape Town is lower than in California. While it can cost $50 for a tattoo in Cape Town, it can cost you up to $300 for a tattoo in California. When you are planning on having a tattoo, it’s important to consider where you want to have it from. If you are in a big city, you should be ready to pay more than if you were in a smaller one.

It is evident that the tattoo industry is growing exponentially and, as a result, more people will want to have their body parts inked. What you need to put in mind is that the price of a tattoo is dependent on several vital factors. You should not go and get a tattoo blindly. Rather, you should consider the above-mentioned factors so that you know what you want and how much you should pay for it. It is also imperative to consider the quality of your tattoo. Before you think of getting a cheap tattoo, take time to consider the health risks that you might expose yourself to. Would you rather go to an established and reputable tattoo parlor or an unknown and less reputable one? Wherever you choose to have your tattoo from, you should make sure that you get quality service since the health of your skin is a top priority.